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Helping Create a Smarter Energy
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Blue Sun Energy was founded in May 2008 with the focus of partnering with leading worldwide manufacturing partners and US business & technology partners who are recognized in their field of expertise for successfully bringing these products to market. We have proudly selected two major partners in China who are established leaders in the fields of Solar Energy and LED lighting for our 2010-11 offering of products. 
Our plan is to build Blue Sun Energy around these companies. 

Our goal is to offer superior products that will meet or exceed all approval agency standards, at quality prices, to offer a value pricing scenario for the end user. Our business model is built around rebate programs through Utility companies and using successful third party companies in offering the best services at the best cost required to complete our projects. We are looking to build third party and distribution relationships with selected partners.
We are focused on marketing energy products  and services within the USA and in the global renewable energy markets. Our products are carefully selected to be true renewable energy, which falls in line with the current American stimulus program and green programs that the UN has outlined which creates Renewable Energy Credits.
Through selected domestic and global partnerships, our goal is to help create a smarter energy in the areas of Solar, Wind, Biomass and Conservation in the USA and offshore.  All of these programs can be marketed in any location worldwide. Our focus for 2011 is to continue to build relationships in order to grow these opportunities.
Blue Sun Energy is a renewable energy company based in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Through marketing, sales and distribution we focus on creating strategic partnerships with U.S. Technology companies and selected manufacturers in China and Germany.
Who is Blue Sun Energy?
"Unsurpassed Quality"

We stand committed to the integrity of our product and proudly offer one of the best warranties in the business.

Blue Sun Energy is looking to expand our team with selected partners and associates. Our goal is to build a company who offers quality solutions to the renewable energy industry.

We believe that the solution of tomorrow has already been created today. It just needs to find a way to market. If this is something you would like to be a part of please contact us

Any one of these issues makes developing secure supplies of clean energy important. Put together, they create a strong demand which makes it imperative to create power from clean energy sources.

As technology continues to become increasingly vital, society is depending more and more on the security and reliability of its power supply. In order to meet this demand now and in the future, we must pursue environmentally sound power solutions to provide a sustainable supply.
Our focus at Blue Sun is to help establish these proven power solutions. We have established a team from Ocean Energy Technology, Concentrated Solar Technology, Wind Technology and Hydrogen Technology that can provide long term power solutions.
Population growth…rising demand for energy…increasing power costs…political uncertainty…pressure to cut carbon emissions…
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